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The Way of Renewable Energy


GTS designs and manufactures a wide range of energy systems for industrial applications worldwide. From small package heaters to turnkey energy systems, GTS can handle all of your heating and electrical energy needs.




GTS Energy Technology offers solutions for thermal energy & process heating needs


l         生活/工业垃圾处理及发电系统                          City Industry Garbage Treatment & Electrical Power Plant

l         燃气燃油流系统                                               Gas and Oil Fired Thermal Fluid Systems

l         低温过程溶槽加热器                                         Low Temperature Process Bath Heaters

l         NUK(自循环)高压蒸汽发生器                        NUK High-Pressure Steam Generators

l         直燃和对流过程加热                                         Direct Fired and Convection Process Heaters

l         废热回收系统                                                   Waste energy recovery system

l         燃木块装加热器                                               Wood Fired Skid Packages

l         各类人造板厂热能中心                                      Total Energy Systems for Board Plants

l         生物质废燃料发电系统                                      Biomass and Garbage Fired Power Station

l         可再生/洁净新能源系统                                    Renewable/Clean Treatment and Electrical Power Plant

(太阳能/风能/地热能等)                               (Solar/Wind/Geothermal etc.)



GTS is committed to being the best in the industry, providing solutions that consistently achieve the objectives for which they were designed. We welcome the opportunity to address your electrical power/thermal energy and process heating application needs and engineering project.







GTS Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

6978 Puxing Road, Fengxian District

Shanghai, 201406, China

Tel:   +86-21-51363369

Fax: +86-21-51390689



GTS’ products and systems can be found in USA, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, UK, Spain, Brazil etc.


 Company Information


GTS provides full range services for world energy market, including the introduction of GTS’ product lines to heating electrical/energy market and the manufacturing/sourcing of the all products.


Today, GTS is universally recognized as one of the leading companies in the market of process heating systems for industrial applications. With its staff of highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers, GTS is capable of handling Thermal/Electricity project as small as 1,000,000 Kcal/hr to as large as 100,000,000 Kcal/hr and as small as 500KW to as large as 50,000KW.



GTS is fully integrated company that is capable of providing the complete product design, various engineering and technical services, manufacturing various types of non-standard products and experienced service engineering on-site technical services team. GTS supplies its products to a diverse range of industries, including the Wood/Board Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical, Textile, Food, Plastics and many more.