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GTS Power Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


The Way of Renewable Energy


  Power Plant



GTS energy system can directly drive the steam turbine generator unit to fulfill the biomass power generation and also directly drive the industrial steam turbine to drive fans, water and oil pumps, etc.

The whole energy system is controlled by the most advanced computer system and PLC hardware to fulfill the real-time control for combustion process and adopts the most maneuverable computer (man-machine direct interaction) screen control mode.


The equipment is featured with the combustion efficiency of above 95% (without the loss of water-cooling system, it doesn’t require any expensive and low-efficiency water/gas heat exchange system).


The core of furnace grate system is made up of high-quality heat resisting steel alloy, which enables the fire grate to work under the temperature of above 1000 without any water cooling system. This special alloy material is very hard and wearable (which is incomparable by carbon steel).


More reliable and safer performance is depend on the omission of water cooling furnace wall and fire grate system, and even the expensive automatic diesel emergency startup water pump/cooling device under the loss of water and power.


It is suitable for adopting various waste fuels such as waste wood, bark, agricultural and industrial wastes, and even domestic wastes.