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The Way of Renewable Energy


  Energy Plant


GTS Energy was incorporated in America in 1986. By 2009, GTS had designed and installed 119 energy systems, regarding wood wastes as the major fuel, around the world. Such achievements mainly benefit from our staff, their excellent technology and their earnest, abundant experience and outstanding capabilities in project management manufacturing and after-sale service.


During the whole implementation of the project from the initial design to completion, GTS Energy owns the all-around resources required by each stage. We always keep improving our factory meeting ASME standard. Cooperating with clients, our employers find out the optimum processing way from clients’ view to conduct the feasibility analysis of project economics through project design, manufacturing, installation and debugging; in this way, we provide clients with a suitable energy system to meet their demands on energy system. 

GTS Energy Integrated System: Changing Broad-spectrum Waste into Clean Energy



Through decades of application and continuous improvement of GTS combustion technology, GTS reciprocating grate combustion system is always the preferred and high-efficiency waste combustion processing system in terms of low-heating value, high-moisture and high-ash waste fuels. All the wastes with different sizes and shapes generated by paper industry, garbage disposal and compositedboard industry can be burned in our reciprocating grate combustion system. Moreover, the long-term failure-free operation is another preeminent advantage of GTS reciprocating grate combustion system.